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Studies have shown video to be an effective and important teaching tool in the modern world.

"Live and videotaped modeling are more effective than a handout alone for achieving performance accuracy of a basic exercise program, as measured by immediate and delayed retention tests."

"People in the handout group may not have understood the proper exercise form."

Reo JA, Mercer VS. Effects of live, videotaped, or written instruction on learning an upper-extremity exercise program. Physical Therapy 2004; 84:622-33

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Feedback we've found on physical therapy exercise videos:

  • "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This video is so helpful!"

  • "Great exercise!! thanks."

  • "Thanks for this video, i had a shoulder dislocation 2'ce and really want to follow these. Heads up"

  • "Thank you I play linemen and catcher and this will help my knees a lot I will be using your website a lot for other muscles because I get sore a lot from baseball. "

What people are saying:

"The biggest problem [with physical therapy] is compliance. They do the exercise and forget it by the time they get home."

Jennifer Emmons, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

"This product will save me about a half hour a day instead of making copies."

M Carli, Physical Therapist

"If I’m just reading the instructions on the sheet, I wasn’t able to easily understand what they wanted me to do."

Andrew Gustafson, Therapy Patient